Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera is a Professional Salsa Dancer with 8+ years of experience. He has competed in multiple World Salsa Championships around the world achieving 11 World Titles dancing as a Soloist, in Couples and also in Group Divisions. Born and raised in Costa Rica, Diego moved to the big apple to join The Latin Soul Dancers under the direction of Adolfo Indacochea, to share their knowledge and passion for Mambo all over the world.

Includes all weekly Diego’s shines and Partnerwork classes.

✅ 5 Classes a Week
✅ Recorded Classes
✅ Available for 30 days


Beg – Salsa Footwork
Int – Salsa Partnerwork


Adv/Beg – Salsa Footwork


Adv/Beg – Salsa Footwork
Beg – Salsa Footwork